>> Attract, engage, develop the best talent.

The reason why we exist is to support the development of the organisations via the Human factor, by finding for you the rare birds you need

The width, the quality and the depth of our network allow us to access a big range of expertises, via our Advisory Board.

Then, for each mission, we activate those expertises, and we process in the Agile mode.

We systematically do the marketing of the position : this makes your job offer very attractive for the targeted people, both in its presentation and in its dissemination on specific channels.

We run the sourcing  via 3 ways simultaneously :  direct contact approach, "hunt", and job ads.

Those elements guarantee for you :

  • the high quality of the candidates we present, 

  • a very high responsiveness,

  • an efficient support at all the stages of your recruitment process : 

    • follow-up of the mission, 

    • meeting of the candidates, 

    • negotiation of the conditions with the candidates, 

    • integration of the candidate in your organisation.

We make your recruitments successful 

For us, the success of a recruitment is due to 7 factors :

  1. the sharp understanding of the organisation's needs

  2. ​the deep knowledge of the sector

  3. the power of sourcing ​on the target 

  4. the quality of the selection phase

  5. the organisational quality : process, timing, follow-up

  6. the quality of communication between us and the candidates

  7. the quality of communication between us and the client

We strive à viser l'excellence sur chacun de ces facteurs, et nous mesurons régulièrement la satisfaction de nos clients et de nos candidats.

Advisory board

Because nobody can pretend he knows everything, we trust our experts, who have a sharp knowledge of some functions and sectors. 

Our network allowed us to build a high quality Advisory Boardhigh level professionals, renowned as experts in their field.  

We thus benefit from the best expertise on the market, and we activate when needed, on sectors like : 

- IT, Telco, High Tech, Aero & Space, Automotive

- Finance, Commercial, HR

- Retail, Fashion, Cosmetics, Luxury

- Communication, Marketing

- Tourism

- Legal and Fiscal

- Médecine and Dental

- Chemistry, Oil, Biotech

- Real Estate, Bank, Insurance

- Industry

- FMCG, Household Appliances

- etc.

The role of our Advisory Boardis to help us to bring you sharp advice and  excellence :

  • upstream : by refining targets and the adapted search strategy, 

  • downstream : by taking part to the selection process. 

We find the rare bird
recrutement bon candidat

The choice of the good candidate - "the rare bird" - mustn't be due to chance or circumstances of offer and demand. It's the result of the combination of relevant factors that have to be screened via 2 axises : ABILITY and PERSONALITY.

Axis PERSONALITY : features that determine the way that people work :

  • LEARNING AGILITY : ability to learn, to evolve, potential. 

  • SPIRIT : state of mind, culture, values, engagement vs the organisations's project.

Axis ABILITY : features that determine the ability of the person in the context. 

  • SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE : technical et behavioral skills, experience in the function,  knowledge of the sector. 

  • EXPERIENCE : path and evolution.